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    Most typically, we meet for the matinee showings on the fourth Sunday of each month. Ocassionally we go to special one-time screenings at Rich Auditorium, GSU Cinefest, etc.    

All of our screenings are organized by volunteer hosts who choose the movie, time and venue. Hosts should also pick a restaurant to go to after the movie and call ahead to make sure that a group can be accommodated and that separate checks can be provided.

The host should then notify the webmaster of the event, and our site will be updated. Please include both work and home phone numbers in all correspondence.

Note-The time listed for meeting at all events is approximate to about 5 minutes before the listed time and/or about 5 minutes after the listed time. Also, any outdoor movie is contingent upon weather and may be cancelled if bad weather is in the area.


Our next screening:

Sept. 9, 2001; 4 p.m.
Apolypse Now Redux
Tara Theater

Meet Don, our host, near the box office at 3:45 P.M. He will be wearing a red shirt. Be prepared for a long (but outstanding) movie.

We're open to suggestions to any event at any time.

Contact Julie at jxh247(at) to sign up to host a movie or click here to fill out and submit a hosting form.


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