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Joining the Atlanta Singles Movie Club is easy. No dues to pay, no envelopes to send in. To join, simply send an e-mail and get on our Yahoo groups list. Or you can add yourself to our list.


Send us an e-mail and after we receive your confirmation, you'll be on our list to receive regular updates on our club and upcoming events.

Add yourself to the list:
Click on the link below to go to our Yahoo groups page. There you can add yourself to our e-mail list.

After new events are scheduled, we broadcast an e-mail to all group members.

Since our e-mail group is moderated, your message must be approved before it is sent out. This prevents you from getting spam or other inappropriate e-mail from other members.

Broadcast a message:
To send a message to the entire group, just send a regular e-mail with the following address in the "to" field:


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