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Who we are
If you're in your 20s or 30s we might just be the class you've been looking for.

What we study
The SALT Class is a great place to learn about the Bible and the message of Christ.

What we do
Community involvement is high on our action list, from building houses to feeding the homeless.

Where we meet
You can find us each Sunday in room C-207. Check out our map.

Talk to us
Let us know what you think. Take our SALT survey.

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Who We Are

The SALT Class is a group of young single adults that share a commitment to spiritual growth through scriptural-based study. The name of the class is an acronym coming from the group's description: single adults learning together.

Through a wide variety of activities such as Bible study, outreach and fellowship, the class strives to create an environment for spiritual growth with a positive impact on the community.

The class does not have elected officers, but instead operates under a committee structure with the following officers:

Michael Solis, Missy O'Brien, Stephanie Heller and Robert Nix

Melissa Campbell, John Rone and Mishana Mogelnicki

Debbie Burgess, Robert Nix and Amy Wilkins

Warren Dent, Missy O'Brien and Michael Solis

Melissa Patterson, Joey Burgess, Ed Jordan, Lynley Durrett, Stephanie Heller and Michael Solis

Salt Class announcements are broadcast via our e-mail list with yahoo groups.

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