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Spirited Tales

--mostly short, sometimes a little tall, but NEVER average--from our last newsletter's calendar of events.

We were destined to go for the gusto early in November with the scheduling of dinners at the Mediterranean meccas of Olive Bistro and Lawrence's Cafe, where the hummus and lentil soup, respectively, were given especially high marks. The festive fare and fine service at Unicorn Place, once again, made it a novel experience, while some new selections at Burrito Art in East Atlanta spiced up our lively conversation at that old standby. In his inaugural flight as an event host, Dave proved both gracious and informative as he piloted us through the tasty offerings of the Ethiopian newcomer, Meskerem.

We picked up in December right where we left off with our second new host Mary's fine performance as tour guide through the delectable dishes prepared by Sai Ram in South Marietta. After the pizza party at Fellini's, which was very fine, the service at Veggieland was almost divine. We put an exclamation point on the first year of the new millennium with a marvelous meal at La Madeleine in Buckhead, topped off with the

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  delightful dessert Mary won for us by knowing where the Great Rift Valley was. (If you, like most of us, don't know, you might want to ask Jeeves or some other globe- trotting butler.)

We followed the delivery motto of the U.S. Postal Service when we negotiated our way through snow and wind to the always-hospitable Nicola's. After a robust march from her home to the popular Middle Eastern meeting place, our ever-melodious host, Liz, conducted us in a program of culinary masterpieces toothsome to the most discerning critic, accompanied by a very harmonious dialogue. The encore to that extravaganza, our trip to watch the Macon Whoopee make mincemeat of the Greenville Grrowl, was a big hit as well, both on and off the ice. The young maidens in the crowd who rendered their version of the hokey-pokey were right on key, while our late-night meal at the Huddle House struck a high note with one of our diners in particular, since that business' headquarters just happened to be his home county of DeKalb. After indulging in some hash browns heavenly to the most headstrong heathen, we were ready to reel off a chorus of "Hallelujah." -Ken Reinhardt