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New veggie restaurant guide for travelers

A Baltimore-based vegetarian advocacy group announces the release of a comprehensive guidebook for on-the-go vegetarians who find themselves searching for places to eat in distant cities. The Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada is published by the Vegetarian Resource Group, publishers of the Vegetarian Journal, and lists more than 2,000 restaurants, juice bars, delicatessens and vacation spots.

The guidebook includes many recommendations, such as Café Flora in Seattle. The listing exhorts diners to "enjoy good service and sample creative dishes like sage pappardelle with wild mushrooms or Oaxaca tacos." Those searching for a relaxed 60's atmosphere in Seattle should visit the Globe Cafe and Bakery, according to the book. This funky coffeehouse features monthly art shows and poetry readings and offers hefty, inexpensive vegan portions.

For fine dining, the book also recommends Millennium Organic Cuisine in San Francisco, a café whose mostly vegan menu includes exotic creations such as Thai curry torte, Turkish tempeh and Madras tofu.

Even though finding good vegetarian can be difficult in states such as North Dakota and Alabama, the guide suggest the Green Earth Cafe in Bismark and the Purple Onion in Birmingham. Also recommended is Blind Faith in Evanston, Ill., a restaurant cited for consistent, excellent service. The restaurant's barbecue seitan sandwich, vegan chocolate cake, and vegan cornbread is sure to please, according to the book.

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  Those hankering for Chinese food while traveling in Vancouver should check out Bodai Vegetarian Restaurant, Evergreen, Miu Jay Garden and Bo-Ji, according to the guidebook. Diners can choose from dishes like chili bean curd, lo-hon mixed vegetables and vegetarian corn soup. For a healthy breakfast, Vancouver's Circling Dawn's eggless French toast and eggless pancakes come highly recommended.

Travelers to the Midwest will enjoy Chicago's Soul Vegetarian and The Chicago Diner for vegetarian ribs and chickenless noodle soup, according to the guidebook. Herbivores, a restaurant in Kansas City, offers tempeh Reuben sandwiches, lentil burgers, and veggie burritos.

Big Apple visitors can duck into Angelica's Kitchen, which uses 95 percent organic ingredients. Also recommended is the Apple Restaurant, which dishes up karaoke along with yam tempura, stir-fried cabbage, soba noodles and barbecue seitan. Also recommended is New York's Natural Gourmet Cookery School, which serves sugar- and dairy-free meals on Friday nights.

Adventurous types should appreciate the book's traveling section. Listed adventure companies include Idaho Afloat, which offers vegetarian-friendly white water rafting trips, and the Biking Expedition, which serves vegetarian meals along with its bike tours of New Hampshire. Also listed are Figaro Cruises, which offers sailing cruises along the coast of Maine for the health-minded, and travel agents who specialize in trips for vegetarians.

The guidebook sells for $16 and can be ordered by visiting the Vegetarian Resource Group Web site at
or by phoning (410) 366-VEGE.